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Specialised will drafting and estate planning

We distinguish ourselves by our deep understanding of and experience in will drafting, as well as the benefit of specialised testamentary trust wills and lifetime trusts and our understanding of taxation and superannuation (especially the complex issues connected with self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs)).

Clients often have various entities to hold assets (eg lifetime trusts; SMSFs; etc). Accordingly, we specialise in integrating a client’s estate plan with their various entities (eg issues of control; taxation; asset protection; longevity; etc).

A sample of the work that we cover includes:

  • Testamentary trust wills (across the broad spectrum of possible testamentary trusts).
  • Superannuation death benefit nominations (especially for SMSFs).
  • Assets falling within or outside a will.
  • Foreign assets considerations.
  • Discussing the balance between a protective estate plan and a flexible estate plan (noting that an estate plan can be both protective and flexible).
  • Keeping estate plans as simple and practical as possible, without compromising the integrity of the goal of the estate plan (eg asset protection etc).
  • Discussing fairness in dealing with family members (whilst noting that sometimes fairness may not mean equality).
  • Blended family considerations (eg prior de facto partners / spouses; children from other relationships; pre-empting possible challenges to an estate; etc).
  • Superannuation / SMSF considerations.
  • Lifetime trusts considerations.
  • Wealth protection.
  • Asset protection.
  • Risk allocation issues. 
  • Assessing asset-holding or operating structures (eg superannuation; trusts; companies; partnerships; etc).
  • Taxation considerations.
  • Stamp duty considerations.
  • Enduring powers of attorney.
  • Enduring powers of medical guardianship.
  • Succession planning (assessing the ability to pass on a business to family members or other co-owners, and implementing appropriate strategies (eg shareholder agreements; buy-sell option agreements; funding issues; etc)).
  • Estates (ie probate etc).